Advising and Mentoring

Each semester students are assigned an advisor. Advisors are core class teachers and each teacher has a group of five to six student advisees. During orientation the advisor groups meet as a whole, providing a small group of peers for students to get to know early on. Throughout the semester advisors continue to meet with their advisees once a week and provide support for academics, social issues, and adjusting to life away from home. Advisors are also regularily in touch with their advisees' parents, informing them of how their child is doing. 

The community interns also serve as mentors to students. Since interns support students during homework hours, lead weekend adventures, and live alongside students in the west side cabins, they are able to form a close mentoring relationship. Mentors provide wonderful role models for students, and often serve as a resource for college planning and beyond. 

Woolman's advising and mentoring program serves as a foundation for the tight knit community that forms each semester, encouraging strong relationships across ages. Many students continue these friendships for many years beyond their time at Woolman.