Woolman Semester Course Catalog

All students take six core courses: Peace Studies, Environmental Science, Global Thinking, Farm to Table, Nonviolent Communication, and Ceramics.

Students may additionally choose to do electives in Math, Spanish, or Independent Study. Math and Spanish classes are conducted online with assistance from teachers and tutors as necessary. This allows each student to work effectively at a pace and level required for them to return to their sending school. Independent Study can be used by students needing to take additional on-line courses, work with a private tutor, prep for SAT/ACT tests, and to work on college applications.

The academic courses are rigorous and are taught in small, inquiry based classes with students taking an active role in their learning experience. 

5 credits equals one semester of credit. The Woolman Semester School is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and courses are approved as college preparatory through the University of California A to G requirements. Woolman has been a member of the Friends Council on Education since 1965. 

Course TitleCredits/HoursFulfills Requirements for
Course Offerings
Environmental Science*5 creditsEnvironmental Science
Global Thinking*5 creditsGovernment, Economics, Social Science
Peace Studies*5 creditsEnglish, Literature
Nonviolent Communication*5 creditsElective, Humanities
Farm to Table*5 creditsElective, Humanities
Ceramics*5 creditsElective, Art
*Indicates a required class