Students, staff and resident families eat meals together in the Dining Hall. The Woolman Semester runs a community kitchen, whereby each and every community member is on a Crew that is responsible for one meal per week. We are dedicated to preparing delicious vegetarian meals with an emphasis on fresh, organic and seasonal ingredients, many of which come from our own farm. Crews will often start meal prep with a quick harvest of fresh herbs and lettuce mix and move on to create something delcious for the main course. Our students tell us that food tastes better when you have a direct connection with the land it came from. 

Here are some examples of meals commonly found at Woolman: Homemade pizza, veggie burgers, carrot ginger soup, chili, burritos, tostadas, baked potato bar, falafel, coconut curry, and lasagna. A big green salad is always served at lunch and dinner and we welcome suggestions from students for their favorite meals!