Physical Activities

Life at The Woolman Semester School is filled with natural physical activity that you don't necessarily get in regular life, such as chopping wood on shared work wood crew, pruning trees in the orchard, and hauling compost and preparing new beds in the garden. You'll likely find that our natural lifestyle of living close to the land and in community includes a variety of fun and new physical activities.

Beyond these elements, there are many other ways to get plenty of exercise at Woolman. We frequently play pick up games of soccer, ultimate frisbee, and more on our soccer field or in the shade of a nearby oak. We also have some pretty wild games of ping pong in the dining hall. Informally, students and staff take time to hike to the awesome Yuba River, bike or even walk (seven miles!) to town, and hike or run our backwoods trails. Although not a regular part of the program, we also have had students and staff in the past who volunteered to teach aikido, yoga, tai chi, ballet, ecstatic dance, and more. Students are free to join others in sports, offer classes, or find their own way of being active at Woolman.