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Fall 2013 Peace Studies Documentary Screening (Full Premiere) Documentary Fall 2013
See video The Woolman Semester: An Interconnected Experience Documentary Fall 2013 Magnolia Neel
See video The G Word: A Study of Gender Documentary Fall 2013 Genna Kules, Samara Rosen, Emily Richards, Jasmyn Atsalis-Gogel, and Becca Ross
See video A Documentary on Sexual Abuse Awareness Documentary Fall 2013 Cait Mazzarella
See video Forest Fires: The Story of Frank Domingues Documentary Fall 2013 Holland Bressler, Aliika (AJ) Jones, Lily Roach
See video Body Image and the Media Documentary Fall 2013 Lillian Karl, Ky Biswell, and Jordan Newhof
See video The Story of Woolman Documentary Fall 2013 Valentine Purell, Kelly Flannery, Emily DePol, and Izak Lederman-Beach
See video Fall 2013 Peace Studies Documentary Filmmaker Q&A Documentary Fall 2013
See video Occupy: Perspectives of the 99 Percent

A diversity of voices, a diversity of tactics.

From Gandhian nonviolent action to property damage, each of us has a different idea of how to get our message across while protesting. When four students set out to measure the effectiveness of these different tactics, they were ready to compare nonviolence with proponents of violence. What they found was that these lines are far more blurry and complicated.

Documentary Spring 2012 Sav, Maria, Brooke & Greg
See video The Block

The Block will take you on a journey to the streets of Oakland, where gangs make the rules. Through an examination of gang life and culture, this production will seek to answer: Is it possible for gangs to be a positive force in our communities?

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Documentary Fall 2011 Anna Seifert, Colman Lee, Carlos Madrigal
See video Pill Popper Generation

Who are the young people behind the pills and why do they consider them to be a “necessary evil”? This movie seeks to examine the unprecedented rise in the amount of youth taking prescription drugs for anxiety, depression, and attention deficit disorder.

Documentary Fall 2011 Tashi Altman-Berger, Ilana Warner, Lucy Scanlon
See video Diving for Change

Just when does food go bad? How much waste are we generating that could be used to sustain our communities? This film explores dumpster diving as a way to reduce food waste and rebel from a culture of consumption in the U.S.

Documentary Fall 2011 Hiwot Misker, Madeline Artibee, Mandy White
See video Spectrum Nation

Queer youth today are bombarded with negativity from the media, their peers, and society. This Woolman Documentary hopes to inspire and advocate for this oft discriminated against group.

Documentary Fall 2011 Tess Eliza Solenberger, Jessie Cooper, Chloe Johnson
See video Stacking Functions

Stacking Functions takes a look at the way Permaculture is subverting the dominant paradigm of unsustainable agriculture with interviews from local and international Permaculturists. The film captures the beauty of Nevada County with stunning cinematography.

Documentary Fall 2011 Graeme Waring-Crane, William Armstrong
See video Oakland Gang Injunction

Exploring gang injunctions in North Oakland, California.

Documentary Spring 2011 Dejanne Taylor, Rebecca Levine, Hannah Plowright
See video Women Power in Religion

How do religions oppress and empower women?

Documentary Spring 2011 Annelise Hildebrandt, Hanaa Butcher, Afiya Cousins
See video Subjective Morality of Violence

A provocative student documentary not intended to tell you something, but to ASK you something.

Documentary Spring 2011 Mira Brown, Laura Farley, David Hersh
See video Peak Oil

A quick tour of issues surrounding our oil-centric society.

Documentary Spring 2011 Francis Leary, Ian Adair, William (Will) Reich
See video Homelessness in America

What is homelessness, and how do individuals and families become homeless? With interviews from formerly homeless men and women as well as advocates, this doc is interview-rich and focuses on services available.

Documentary Fall 2010 Megan Bernstein and Marie Vastola
See video Ableism

What is ableism, and how does it effect our lives and the lives of disabled and differently abled people? This Woolman Doc explores that question and many others as students interview disability rights activists and use original art work to illustrate their stories.

Documentary Fall 2010 Dennis Johnson & Chloe Grubbs-Saleem
See video Fear in the Media

This Woolman Doc focuses on fear and sensationalism in the media, with an emphasis on the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and corporate media conglomeration.

Documentary Fall 2010 Sage Po, Keith Runyan, and Max Sparkles Russo
See video Your Energy Independence

This Woolman Doc focuses on renewable energy options, peak oil, and consumer-driver microgrids as one piece of the sustainable energy puzzle.

Documentary Fall 2010 Annabelle Marcovici, Hezekiah McGiver, and Marijke Wijnen
Food waste in America

This Woolman Doc explores hunger, malnutrition, food waste and gleaning in the Sacramento area.

Documentary Fall 2010 Anna Quick and Patricia Tapia
See video Consent!

Woolman students take on the media and its often skewed portrayal of sex and gender roles.

Documentary Spring 2010
See video New Americans: Refugees in the United States

Woolman Semester Students look at the hard realities of coming to the US as a refugee. They interview refugees about their experiences, as well as people who are working to help.

Documentary Spring 2010
See video Open Ears: The Fate of Music Education

All across America, music education is being cut from High School budgets. This documentary looks at the repercussions of this troubling trend.

Documentary Spring 2010 Ruthie Hawley and Katherine Stone
See video Violence and Change in the LGBT Community

Woolman semester students look at health trends and services available to the LGBTQ community.

Documentary Spring 2010 BJ Miller and Jordan Smith
See video Corn Monocultures and Michael Pollan's Omnivores' Dilemma

A wild romp through the weird world of corn monocultures. Is your food really just processed corn in disguise? Find out! Presented by students at the Woolman Semester, and inspired by The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan.

Documentary Spring 2009
See video Eating Local - Can it be done? The Locavore Movement and 100 mile diet

Woolman Semester students search near and... well, near, for healthy, sustainable eating from csa farms to the cows in the back yard. Find out what it means to be a locavore, and why it isn't always easy to stick to the 100-mile diet.

Documentary Spring 2009
See video Will Gold Mining Turn this California Town into a Pit?

Woolman Semester students investigate this town's most controversial issue: Grass Valley, California may face environmental disaster if the gold mining company gets its way... they want to re-open an old gold mine in the middle of town, bringing in noise, pollution, and earth-shaking explosions, but also the possibility of jobs and economic growth. Hear both sides of the story in this documentary by Woolman Semester students.

Documentary Spring 2009
See video California: Prison Capital of the World?

Woolman Semester students investigate California's overwhelmed prison system, the nation's most expensive at $9 billion per year, and the highest per-capita with 1 of every 31 Californians in the prison system. Is this system spiraling out of control? Is it destroying more lives than it protects? Hear from ex-inmates, community leaders and others in this jail documentary by our students.

Documentary Spring 2009
See video Bringing the Darfur Crisis Home - Genocide Solutions

A terrible crisis and genocide in a distant land... what can ordinary Americans do about such a far-off, complex problem? Woolman Semester students take to the streets to try and find ways to be part of the solution, remembering that "what you do may seem insignificant, but it is vitally important that you do it."

Documentary Fall 2008
See video Can Our Broken Prison System Be Fixed?

Woolman Semester students look at the causes, repercussions, and possible alternatives to a broken prison system in crisis, interviewing prisoners, prison guards, crime victims, and visionaries who see a way out of this mess.

Documentary Fall 2008
See video Big Box Store Invaded by Shopping Zombies!

Calling themselves the CIA (Consumer Impact Awareness), Woolman Semester students play dirty with consumer culture: jumping into a dumpster to see what gets wasted, climbing a mountain of trash at the Tiajuana dump, and invading a Big Box store dressed as shopping zombies! Dumping garbage dumpster.

Documentary Spring 2008
See video US-Mexico Border Fence: The New Berlin Wall?

Join Woolman Semester students on both sides of the US Mexico border fence. Although every year the border wall gets bigger, higher, and more militarized, immigrants desperate for better lives for their families continue to risk the crossing. Hear from a border patrol guard, a border park ranger, and a mother who was just deported to Mexico while her kids were at school in the US.

Documentary Spring 2008
See video Utah Phillips: Homeless Shelter a Real Lifesaver

Woolman Semester students interview Utah Phillips on homelessness (along with other founders of Hospitality House). Hear the story behind this amazing asset to Nevada County, CA.

Documentary Fall 2007
See video Makeup: It's not pretty!

Woolman Semester students take on the cosmetics industry in this quick quip about the bad stuff in your makeup, and what it does to your, um, well, you'll see. An uncommercial on the side effects of makeup in the Adbusters tradition. Cosmetics cause birth defects; why makeup is bad for you.

Documentary Fall 2006