A Typical Day

Schedules at Woolman are quite full. The daily, weekly, and semester schedules are filled with time for classes, projects, shared work, homework, reflection time, and trips. In the past, students and staff have taken time to participate in peace marches, nonviolence training sessions, special concerts, film festivals, seminars and workshops offered by local and not so local citizenry. Read on about a "typical" day at Woolman but don't hold on to that notion of typical too tightly!

A Typical Day at Woolman...

7:15 am

Bagels and cream cheese, fruit, cereal, coffee and tea. Sophie has been up since 6 this morning baking them. The smell is wonderful!

8:00 am
Environmental Science:

Discuss genetically modified foods, their prevalence in our food culture, and their pros/cons; present performance art pieces about Omnivores Dilemma and plan for upcoming Locavore's Dinner fundraiser.

10:00 am
Peace Studies:

Brainstorm topics for documentary film projects, learn camera techniques, then discuss today’s reading on nonviolent social movements.
Noon Lunch:Salad bar, tomato basil soup (with and without dairy), sandwich bar.

12:30 pm
Free Time:

 A quick game of ping-pong and check email.

1:15 pm
Non-Violent Communication:

Learn and practice a technique of communicating and navigating conflict that deepens relationships and creates a new paradigm for conversations.

3:10 pm
Shared Work:

Join a crew that’s delivering firewood to cabins, pruning apple trees in our orchard, harvesting greens from our organic garden, or baking pizza in the kitchen.

5:00 pm

Capture the flag on the soccer field.

6:00 pm

Pizza (pineapple/green pepper/onion, three cheese, olive/mushroom/pepper, or vegan all vegetable), salad bar.

6:30 pm
Dish Crew:

Two staff members and three students get it done to the sound of Nevada City's community radio.

7:30 pm

Work on Peace Studies essay, research for Environmental Science.
10:00 pm Get ready for bed