Woolman Semester School Scholarships

The Woolman Semester School recognizes that the high tuition of a private school experience presents barriers for many students. Thanks to generous donors who share our educational and social vision, Woolman has established several scholarship funds to assist students who want to come to Woolman, but whose families cannot afford our tuition. We welcome contributions to any of our scholarship funds so that Woolman can welcome as diverse and dynamic a group of students as possible to our program each semester. 

Woolman’s admissions staff takes responsibility to ensure that scholarships are distributed among student applicants in accordance with the principles established for each fund.

The Woolman Scholarship Fund

The Woolman Scholarship Fund is a general fund available to all students who apply and are in need of financial assistance. These scholarship funds are offered solely on the basis of need.

Lynne Henderson Scholarship Fund

This fund is in honor of Lynne Henderson who has been a steadfast and generous Woolman community member for many years. Scholarships are awarded from this fund on the basis of financial need.

Seeds of Peace and Earthcare Fund

This fund was created to remember and honor a Board member’s father and uncles by emphasizing the interconnected issues of peace, social justice and the environment. Scholarships are awarded from this fund on the basis of financial need.

Quaker Scholarship Fund

The Quaker Scholarship Fund was founded in 2006 by a Friend of Woolman to help Quaker students whose families are not able to pay the full tuition. Scholarships are awarded from this fund to Quaker students on the basis of financial need.

Diversity Scholarship Fund

The Diversity Scholarship Fund was founded in 2005 by parents of one of our first Woolman Semester students and assists with Woolman’s goal of promoting ethnic and racial diversity in its student body. Scholarships are awarded from this fund to students of color on the basis of financial need. 

Woolman-MetWest Partnership Scholarship Fund

The Woolman-MetWest Partnership Scholarship Fund provides at least two scholarships each year to students from Oakland’s MetWest High School on the basis of financial need. MetWest’s student body is 50% Latino, 30% African American, 13% Asian, and 7% white. Woolman cooperates with MetWest on the selection of students receiving these special diversity scholarships. Learn from Miguel and Dontae in a short video and Brian in an interview about the importance of the Woolman-MetWest partnership.

Donations to any of the Woolman scholarship funds are tax-deductible through the College Park Friends Educational Association, Inc. (Tax ID: 941507823). Make checks out to “The Woolman Semester School.” Earmark them to one of the funds. Donations not earmarked to a specific fund will be credited to our Annual Fund.  

To contribute to any of these Scholarship Funds, you can donate online or send a check to: 

The Woolman Semester School 
13075 Woolman Lane
Nevada City, CA 95959