Time Off

Weekends are partially unscheduled to allow time for hanging out, catching up on sleep or homework, chatting with friends and family on the internet or by phone. Weekend town trips allow students to go into town for a burger, to see music or movies, go to the library, supermarket or a coffee shop. Our campus is about seven miles from the two closest towns of Grass Valley and Nevada City. Sierra Friends Center vans make the trip to town regularly and students can request rides to special events that are of interest to them. We also have a growing fleet of bicycles in our bike library, which students can check out for use around campus, for recreation or for transportation to town.

Students have one 10-day break each semester which usually coincides with Thanksgiving weekend in the fall and  with Easter in the spring. During the breaks, the school is closed and students are required to leave campus. Fellow students (and sometimes local Quaker or alumni families) have often hosted Woolman students who are unable to return home during vacations. (Photo credit: Charlotte Prud'Homme, spring 2013)